Old fashioned service
with modern smash
repair technology...

Paint System
Bodyline Motor Body Repairers use AkzoNobel's Eco-Logical paint system, a range of innovative quality Sikkens products that are compliant to Australian VOC standards. The Eco-Logical system is a faster painting process, allowing for better coverage, fewer coats and faster drying time. AkzoNobel has crafted a fully integrated low VOC system where all the elements are designed to work in harmony to provide not only a cost effective car refinishing system, but create a safe and healthy work environment..

Re-Finishing Equipment
The latest Pan Direct Fired spray booth reduces fuel use and our environmental impact. Efficiency and quality is achieved by using UV Primer and IRT Infra Red drying techniques. Floor conveyor system for efficient movement of vehicles in paint preparation area. Festool dust extraction units remove loose particles within the workshop, resulting in a healthy work environment and quality repair and paint results.

Environment-Friendly Car Wash
Our car wash bay is equipped with a waste water treatment system.

We have invested in equipment that allows us to directly reduce our carbon footprint. Bodyline Motor Body Repairers recycle most waste materials, including:

• Paper
• Cardboard
• Oils
• Paint Thinners
• Tyres
• Metals
• Wash Bay Waste Water
• Plastic Parts

Plastic Recycling - Less Waste - Cost Effective Repairs
By repairing plastic parts, you eliminate the need to dispose of the damaged part, reducing waste.

Wash Bays
Eco Logical